Cold Run || Quinntina

Turning away from the taller woman, Tina hurried over to the corner of the room where she had left her bag earlier. After rummaging for a minute, Tina finally produced the newly printed booklet of papers. Some of the edges had already been folded down into dog ears, and there was a definitive ring on the front from Tina’s morning coffee. “Okay, I marked the scenes that I feel will need the most work, but I’m happy to start where ever.” Tina smiled at Quinn, opening her script to the first page and sitting on one of the now vacated chairs from the earlier cast meeting. When Tina had first heard about the play, she was definitely a little skeptical. She was convinced that a man wouldn’t be able to write a convincing lesbian relationship, in fact, she was half expecting it to turn into girl-on-girl porn half way through. But the play turned out to be better than she could have imagined, and now the only problem would be trying to act out a convincing lesbian relationship with a woman who couldn’t have seemed less interested in her.